Biography of San Alejo (ca. 350-?)

Italian Saint born in Rome around the year 350 A.d. and died in date unknown.

A member of a noble and rich family, his parents were Senator Eufemiano and Aglais matron. By maternal advice he/she got married, but on their wedding night he/she felt the call of chastity, so, after telling it to his young wife, he/she gave his money to the poor and embarked on the first ship leaving the port, heading to Edessa. For several years he/she lived there to practice begging, while people gave him fame of sanctity. After some time, he/she returned to Rome; It arose in the House of her parents, who did not recognize him, because many hardships sustained had disfigured him. He/She asked, in the name of Christ, to allow him live somewhere in the Palace, devoted to prayer, which was granted, so settled under the staircase, as a beggar; at night he/she slept on the floor and during the day bore the teasing of the servants and their contempt. Legend has it that one day was Eufemiano hearing a mass saying the Pope innocent I, when through a divine revelation, he/she learned that Alexios had died. His identity emerged thanks to a parchment had in hand.

He is invoked against the false oaths, since he/she knew how to defend their ideas to death. His feast is celebrated on July 17.