Biography of Henri Alekan (1909-2001)

Director of photography born in Paris on February 10, 1909 and died in Auxerre on June 15, 2001.

Of Bulgarian origin, he/she studied arts and crafts and was formed at the Paris Institute of optics, where he/she had the opportunity to work for Eugen Schuftan, one of the most important specialists in the field of film special effects. The starting point of his career originated precisely in relation to Schuftan, who showed her the peculiarities of the craft. However, the final boost to his career came during the collaboration with Jean Cocteau in beauty and the beast (1946).

In his work, Alekan always granted extraordinary importance to the necessary relationship which must be established between the light and the emotional charge that frames should arouse in the Viewer. Your settings were characterized by the creation of atmospheres where the characters weave introverted relationship with the support of the light conditions requiring the scene. A practical example of this conception of film photography can be seen in the wages of fear (1956), of Henri-George Clouzot. Excellent craftsman of his work, the documentary concept that brought in some of his collaborations with René Clémentalso deserves special mention.

He was one of the most relevant Directors of photography of the French film of its time and was able to easily adapt to the color when it dealt with the image of Austerlitz (1960), one of the last films of Abel Gance. He/She stopped a singular stamp on productions as human fighter (1970), Joseph Losey, and Red Sun (1971), Terence Young. A sample of his exquisite Visuality was captured in the State of things (1982), by Wim Wenders, where he/she worked alongside Fred Murphy.

In 1953 received the Oscar in Hollywood by William Wyler's Roman holiday and in 1983 won the César award of French cinema by La Truite de Losey. His entire career was recognized in 1993 with the delivery of the Oscar of Honor of the American Academy.

His foray into the field of television been confined to the interpretation of itself in two productions: Cannes... les 400 coups (1997) and monumental Langlois (1995).


As director of photography

1937: La danseuse rouge; The vie est à nous. 1939: Les musiciens du ciel; L' emigrant. 1941: Venus aveugle. 1944: Les petites du quai aux fleurs. 1946: Beauty and the beast; The battle du rail. 1947: Les maudits. 1948: Une if jolie petit plage; Anna Karenina. 1949: Les amants de Vérone. 1950: Juliet or the key of dreams; Ma pomme. 1951: Paris, always Paris; Le voyage en Amérique. 1952: Trois femmes. 1953: Julietta; Holiday in Rome; Quand your liras cette lettre; Les amours finissent à l'aube. 1954: La reine Margot; Zoe. 1955: Frou-Frou; Les héros sont fatigués; Le port du Désir; Les impures. 1956: The wages of fear; Fog on the summits. 1957: casino de Paris; Le cas du docteur Laurent; Typhon sur Nagasaki. 1958: Cerf-volant du bout du monde; Le Bourgeois gentilhomme. 1959: Le mariage de Figaro; Le secret du Chevalier d' Éon; Douze heures d'horloge. 1960: The ballets de Paris; The Princess of Cleves; Austerlitz. 1962: les Parisiennes. 1963: A gap between the two. 1964: Topkapi. 1965: Lady l 1966: the flowers of the devil. 1967: The fantastique histoire vraie d'Eddie Chapman. 1968: Mayerling. 1969: Truncated lives. 1970: Hunting human. 1971: Red Sun. 1979: Dame la de Monte Carlo. 1981: The Territory. 1982: Het Dak van de Walvis; The State of things; La Truite; La Belle captive. 1983: the bouche une pierre dans. 1984: Notre nazi; A Strange love affair. 1985: Wundkanal. 1986: Esther. 1987: Sky above Berlin. 1989: Berlin-Jerusalem; J'ecris dans l'espace. 1991: Naissance d' a Golem (and actor). 1992: Golem, le jardin petrifie. 1993: Golem, L'esprit de L'Exil.

As director:

1958: L'enfer Rodin.

As an actor:

1991: Der Andere Blick. 1994: faraway, so close!