Biography of Giancarlo Alessandrini (1950-VVVV)

Italian Strip cartoonist, born in Jesi (Italy) on March 20, 1950.


After studying at the art school of Ancona, Alessandrini begins to make cartoons for publication Corriere dei piccoli, where published in 1972 his first two series, Anni duemila and Lord Shark. By the same dates, accepts commissions from a British agency, following in the footsteps of countrymen such as Hugo Pratt, who also published his work in England. The magazine Il corriere dei ragazzi published you cartoon Assi to fumetti, whose script writes Franco Mannochia. Also, becomes one of the artists of Diabolik series, great success throughout Europe.

With dashes of Giancarlo Berardi, in 1977 he/she starts to draw Ken Parker, a comic strip chronicling the adventures of a veteran of the American civil war who decides to live a new life in the mountains, still controlled by Indian tribes. Series is a success in Italy and France, and this allows the Illustrator arise even more ambitious challenges. In 1982 he/she started his work on Martin Mystère, one of Italy's biggest-selling cartoons. Thanks to the realism with which designed the characters and the excellent sense of the Assembly with which structure each page, Alessandrini is one of the best professional reputation of Italian popular Comics artists.

Most outstanding works

1972: Anni duemila; Lord Shark.1973: Assi to fumetti.1975: Diabolik; Rosco and Sonny.1977: L'UOMO di Chicago.1977-1979: Ken Parker.1982: Martin Mystere.1993: Indiana Jones et le secret from the pyramide.