Biography of Goffredo Alessandrini (1904-1978)

Italian film director, born in Cairo (Egypt) on September 9, 1904 and died in Rome (Italy), in 1978.


The business which his father held in the Egyptian capital enabled him to go to study in London. In 1928, he/she moved to Italy, where he/she began to work in the cinema world founding producer Augustus with Alessandro Blasetti, which will be his assistant in the first film. The following year, in Cairo, he/she directed his first film, say it di Maghmod, a documentary, after which he/she went to Hollywood to work in the Italian versions carried out the Metro Goldwyn Mayer of his sound films. After a year's stay, he/she returned to Europe, and mainly in Italy, performed all his work, in which he/she outlines, especially, the work carried out during the years that Benito Mussolini was in power, propaganda films (Cavalry, 1936;) A Kinsman, 1938) for which he/she was awarded a number of prizes and distinctions.

However, this stage weighed on the rest of his career, intermittent, until at the beginning of the 1950s he/she directed his last films, to engage, sporadically, in the interpretation.

He was married to the actress Anna Magnani between 1936 and 1940.


1929: say it di Maghmod.1931: the privata.1934 segretaria: Seconda Lewis: A man of leyenda.1936: caballeria.1937: Una donna fra due mondi.1938: reborn illusion; Of a same sangre.1939: Abuna Mesias.1940: the bridge of glass; Caravaggio.1941: Tragic destino.1942: Goodbye, Kira; Those who vivimos.1943: Chi l' seen?; Lettere to the sottenente.1946: Furia.1947: L' English errante.1951: Sangue sul visit; Le pecatrice bianca.1952: Ana Garibaldi.