Biography of Galeazzo Alessi (1512-1572)

Italian architect, born in Perugia in 1512 and died in his hometown in 1572. He/She received his training in the same city, and moved to Rome in 1536, where he/she studied the work of Bramante and Antonio Sangallo the younger. In 1542, he/she returned to Perugia, where in lieu of Sangallo in the works of la Rocca. In 1548 he/she moved to Genoa, where he/she works for the family Sauli in the reconstruction of the basilica of Santa María di Carignano, which raises a Greek cross plan, as that Bramante had been prepared for San Pedro. From 1550 participates in the elaboration of the projects of the opening of the Via Nuova, later known as via Garibaldi, in addition to projecting Cambiaso and Sauli, villas where provides solutions that were fundamental to the urban, architectural and landscape renewal of Genoa. From 1553 spends some seasons in Milan where he/she is in charge of the construction of the marine Palacio, the Church of San Barbana and the renovation of the facade of Santa María presso San Celso. In the last years of his life he/she returned to Umbria, where he/she participated among other projects in the construction of Ángeles of Santa María in Assisi.

His works of Genoa would mark an important influence in this environment, with them introduces articulated and plastic forms of the Roman Cinquecento, with important plays of chiaroscuro.


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