Biography of Evgueni Ivanovich Alexeiev (1843-1909)

Russian Vice-Admiral, son bastard ZAR Alejandro II, born in 1843 and died in 1909.

He served as cultural attaché of the Russian Embassy in Paris between 1883 and 1892. Seven years later, he/she was Chief of staff of the Russian squadron in the war of the Pacific. Also, he/she led Russian troops in the conflict in the Black Sea and was under the command of those who warred in Manchuria against the Boxer rebellion.

In 1901 he/she came to assume the post of Governor of the province of Kuantung and was viceroy of the zar Nicolás II in the far East.

Due to a mistaken report that facilitated the Tsar on the situation of the Japanese army, which made him believe that he/she could beat him easily, the army embarked on the Russo-Japanese war which had such disastrous consequences for Russia. At the beginning of the war he/she was in command of all Russian forces, but after numerous defeats, it was dismissed by inept.