Biography of Emilio Alfaro (1933-1998)

Director and Argentine Theatre actor, born on January 20, 1933, and died on July 18, 1998. In the 1950s he/she began to work as an actor until in 1978 he/she directed his first work. He/She participated in films such as Chief, Fernando Ayala; Old young; The sentence and the kid head, among others. In 1965 he/she joined the cast of 'People's Theatre' which under the direction of David Stivel Bárbara Mújica, Marilina Ross - who was his wife for seven years--Norma Aleandro, Alfredo Alcón, Federico Luppi, Carlos Carella and Juan Carlos Gené.

In 1973, at the end of the military dictatorship in argentina (1976 - 1973), led, along with Gene, the official television station, and began an intermittent career public official, since assuming office the President Carlos Menemin 1989, appointed him director of the Teatro General San Martín in Buenos Aires. In 1992 he/she was appointed director of Cultural Action, theatre and arts visual of the Secretariat of culture of the nation.

As a theatre director was responsible for the staging, among others, of works such as PostScript, your cat is dead, the young lady of Tacna, by Mario Vargas Llosa; The passenger, something in common and Don Faust.