Biography of Carlos Alfaro Gutiérrez (1947-VVVV)

Poet, Narrator, engineer and director of Spanish cinema, born in Madrid in 1947. Although the academic training received during his youth led him to obtain a degree in engineering, her accused vocational inclination towards the world of Arts and letters has allowed him to combine his professional technical activities with the cultivation of literary creation, especially fertile - in his case-within the genre of prose fiction. Among his most celebrated works, it is obliged highlight his novel titled Easy Joe says Yes to Chile Walker (Barcelona; Barral Editores, S. A., 1974), as well as his collection of poems titled counterpoint (Zaragoza; Litho art, 1976) and his brilliant collection of short stories grouped under the title of smoke (Fuenlabrada [Madrid] signals; Editorial Spanish teaching, S. A., 1978).

The rest of your printed literary production is completed with the following titles: César Chronicle (Madrid: Lega, 1980); Lessons of things (Gijón; Editors GH, S. A., 1983); Cajón de sastre. (Uravallen Blues) (Madrid; Ediciones Libertarias, S. L., 1985); Points of light (Aranguren; The landscape publishing, 1991); and five lobitos (Madrid; Projects and editorial productions Cyan, S. L., 1996).