Biography of Domingo Alfonso (1935-VVVV)

Cuban poet, born in 1935 in Matanzas. It is one of the authors of the so-called "generation of the 50", constituted by different Cuban poets, with Roberto Fernández Retamar as figure more visible - or, at least, most internationally-, adopted a rigorous critical tone that was the best reflection of the political events lived on the Caribbean island in the middle of the 20th century in his lyrical compositions. In line with this political and social commitment to the immediate reality of their time, the poetic voice of Alfonso Domingo (like the aforementioned Retamar and the rest of his literary journey companions) impregnated an accused colloquial aroma that, since the level of form, trying to be the most appropriate linguistic channel for the reflection of his civic concerns.

In the specific case of the poet of Matanzas, these characteristics common to all generation colleagues can be seen clearly in the collection of verses entitled poems of the common man (1964), a prime exponent of Latin American social poetry and their heavy loads of criticism and complaint.