Biography of King of Aragón Alfonso III (1265-1291)

King of Aragon, born in 1265 and died in 1291. He/She was the son of Pedro III the great, who was succeeded in 1285. He/She gave battle unto his brother, King of Mallorca. He/She was excommunicated by the Pope and shortly after returned to the communion of the Church. During his short reign he/she had to fight against the King of France, Felipe the beautiful, whom beat, while he/she also guerreaba against Sancho IV of Castile.

In 1287 conquered Menorca, expelled the Muslims from there and did distribute the lands conquered between Catalan nobles. A year later they returned to revive the internal problems with the revolt of the Valencian nobility, which was resolved by granting them the privilege of the Union; nothing satisfied with the agreement, in 1290 regained much of the power lost in Valencia by a complex political warp.

He granted many privileges to the Aragonese, which made a kind of Republic in the country, and were abolished by Pedro IV in 1328. He/She died in Barcelona, when I was married to Leonor of England, and was successor to his brother Jaime II, King of Aragon, Naples and Sicily.