Biography of King of Inglaterra Alfredo (848-899)

King of England, surnamed the great, from the Saxon, famous for his vast knowledge and race by reforms introduced in your country. He/She was born in the year 848 and died in the 899. He/She was the grandson of Egbert, who had submitted to the Crown of Wessex the other kingdoms of the Eparchy, and inherited the Kingdom for his brothers death. Child, he/she was sent to Rome, where Pope Leo IV took charge of his education.

Back to his country, King of Wessex was crowned and came into conflict with the Danes, who beat him in the battle of Wilton, which led to a peace treaty by which gave them the eastern part of his Kingdom. Shortly thereafter, he/she returned to be invaded the Kingdom in the 873, Alfredo was defeated by Guthrum and forced to take refuge in Somerset, where he/she met an army with which retook the lost ground.

Restored peace he/she devoted himself to the reorganization of the Kingdom passed numerous laws aimed at developing agriculture and trade. It goes through founder of schools that later would result in the University of Oxford. Very actively dealt with the cultivation and propagation of the letters: he/she opened schools at various points to the instruction of his subjects and exercised the charities with great generosity. Alfredo the great works that have come down to us are: his testament; a body of law; translations of the ecclesiastical history of Beda, of the history of Orosio, the Treaty De consolatione Philosophio of Boethius and the confessions of San Agustín.