Biography of Hannes Olof Gosta Alfvén (1908-1995)

Astronomer and Swedish physicist, Nobel Prize in 1970, awarded for his research on plasmas (gases containing positive and negative ions) and their behavior in magnetic and electric fields. He/She studied in Uppsala and worked in Stockholm until 1967, year in which he/she moved to California. His works include the fundamental physics, astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. He/She is the author of a theory that explains the phenomenon of the Aurora polar based on the interaction between the particles emitted by the Sun and the Earth's magnetic field. It has been suggested that asteroids can be resulting from waste materials of the failed formation of a planet between Mars and Jupiter. He/She has developed a theory that supports the thesis that the universe is made up of an amount equal of matter and antimatter. Figure among authors who have tried to explain the distribution of angular momentum in the interior of our Solar System. In 1942, he/she predicted the existence of Magnetohydrodynamic waves in plasmas of Alfvén waves. His ideas have been applied to the stellar plasmas and reactors stellar, contributing to studies to carry out nuclear fusion called magnetic confinement devices controlled.