Biography of Horatio Alger (1834-1899)

American writer of children's books of adventure, born in Revere, Massachusetts, and educated at Harvard College and the Harvard Divinity School. He/She was ordained a Minister unit in 1864, and in 1866 was a collection House chaplain for guys who worked as vendors of newspapers in New York City.

In his first work of fiction, Ragged Dick (1867), and all other similar works that follow, he/she portrayed a unfortunate young people who manage to get fame and wealth through the practice of qualities such as honesty, diligence, perseverance and other moral virtues. Two other important works of the author are Luck and Pluck and Tattered Tom, which appeared in 1869 and 1871, respectively; the last one began a new series of works. Alger wrote over one hundred books of similar style.

Although of limited literary importance, the novels of Horatio Alger had great influence on American youth, because they attached great importance to merit staff, rather that to mere social status as a determinant of fortune or success. The heroes of his novels, boys impoverished reaching reputation by means of fighting valiantly against poverty and adversity, reflected in the following decades characters possessing exemplary lives and virtues to imitate, the boldness, integrity and hard work, qualities that lead to reward success in life, wealth and the respect of others.

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