Biography of Weli-Zade-Tepelini Ali-Bajá (1741-1822)

Famous low of Janina, called Arslan (Lion), and commonly known with the name of Alí Tebelen. He/She was born in Tebelen in 1741 and died in 1822. He/She was the first head of bandits, and by intrigues, betrayals and murders, he/she managed to rise to the dignity of low. He/She alternately praised the Turks and the Greeks; It then sold to latter. Committed countless cruelties, both with Christians and with his troops and up to members of his family, and finally the sultan, who at first had awarded him, came to fear him and sent an army against him. Removed to an underground of Janina fortress with its treasures and slaves, were available to fly a deposit of gunpowder that there had, when the Turks, fearing the case, promised life if you turned off the wick, and having it done, they rushed upon him and took life.