Biography of Hermanos. Alinari (???)

Natural, Italian photographers of Florence; Giuseppe (1836-1890), Leopoldo (1832-1865) and Romualdo (1830-1891).


The Alinari was one of the families of photographers recognized of the 19th century. Its origins are in the print world, since his father had a workshop in which the three brothers worked for a long time and where they learned the techniques that would later use as advertising postcards and reproductions of art from around the world.

Initially, their images were intended to be an exact documentation of architecture, the artistic, archaeological remains and artistic landscapes of Italy, and later expanded his work to the rest of the world.

Leopoldo furthered her studies of engraving and studied the rudiments of photography from the end of the 1840s, with the Florentine engraver Luigi Bardi. Twelve years later, in 1852, began using the new technique of Collodion and shortly after opened his studio in Florence, in Via Nazionale.

The three brothers embarked upon the opening, in 1854, the Fratelli Alinari photographic Editor, which had and has great reputation around the world. One of the most important and best known of the editorial was the request made to them by the Prince Alberto de Inglaterra in 1860: photographing the painter Rafael drawings in Florence, Venice and Vienna.

Leopoldo traveled in the 1950s throughout Italy, photographing monuments and other works of art in Florence, Rome, Naples and other cities; Meanwhile, Giuseppe and Romualdo worked in his studio in Florence.

They later opened a Portrait Studio and began to expand his Agency's advertising from 1860. Five years later died Leopoldo; they were at the head of the business Giuseppe and Romualdo. In 1865 published the first catalog that collected images of Florence and the rest of Tuscany.

Giuseppe was dedicated to investigate new procedures and import Chambers of other countries. The firm was becoming a publisher of art books and promoted the publication of economic books in small-format as the Masterpiece of... by England and other countries.

When the Italian Government, came to Florence, Alinari firm photographers were responsible for photographing cultural and political personalities such as King Victor Emmanuel II or Garibaldi.

In the 1970s the firm opened a series in establishments in other cities, and hired photographers anonymous so they documented the daily life of the cities and art objects that existed throughout the country.

On the death of the two brothers, Giuseppe and Romualdo, the business remained in the hands of the son of Leopoldo, Vittorio, who sold it. Today is still one of the biggest and best photographic archives on art that exist in the world.

Numerous exhibitions have been conducted on the work of the Alinari brothers, among the most important it should be noted that took place in the strong Belvedere The Alinari: Photographers in Florence 1852-1920.


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