Biography of Yves Allégret (1907-1987)

Director of French cinema, born in Paris (France) on October 13, 1907 and died in the same city on January 31, 1987.


Law degree, over the years thirty moved in intellectual circles from left, at the time that consolidated his early work in the world of cinema by addressing various roles, until he/she became Assistant to some of the most important French directors of the time (Cavalcanti, Renoir, Fejos and his brother Marc, among others). His career began with a series of problems focused on his early films, lost or unfinished. His marriage to the actress Simone Signoret allowed that both worked together in several films, notably Dede of Antwerp. Throughout his career he/she would keep a pulse between well-defined stories, with a good direction of actors - which include the proud - and other more commercial. He/She directed Oasis, the first French movie in CinemaScope. He/She is the father of the actress Cathérine Allégret.


Short films: 1932: Prix et profit; Tenerife.1935: Le gagnant. 1937: Amour et automobile. 1938: Jeunes filles de France. 1961: Konga yo (documentary).

Feature films: 1941: Tobie est d'un ange (destroyed before its release); Les deux timides.1942: La route torne (unfinished). 1943: La boîte aux upside down. 1945: Les demons de l'Aube. 1948: Dede of Antwerp. 1949: Une if jolie petite plage. 1950: Maneges.1951: nose of leather; Les miracles n 'ont lieu qu' une. 1952: Lust (episode of the devil always loses): La jeune folle. 1953: The proud. 1954: Mademoiselle Nitouche. 1955: Oasis; Fog on the summits. 1957: Quand femme s' at mele; Mefiez-vous, fillettes. 1958: L'ambitieuse; The girl of Hamburg. 1960: Fateful letter. 1962: Germinal.1967: The Ballad of the killers. 1969: L'invasion. 1975: Orzowei. 1976: Early love.

As Assistant Director: 1928: Petit chaperon rouge. 1930: Les amours de minuit. 1931: L'Amour to l' américaine; Mademoiselle Nitouche; The tramp. 1932: Fantômas; Fanny.1934: Ladies Lake. 1935: Days of sunshine. 1936: concern in the West; Les amants terrible; Vous n'avez rien to declare? (and screenwriter).

Other works: 1933: Biboulette (wardrobe). 1937: fire (production Chief) mark. 1938: woman aimlessly (screenwriter).