Biography of Grant Allen (1848-1899)

Naturalist and English novelist, born in Kingston (Canada) in 1848 and died in Surrey in 1899. He/She was Professor of mental and moral philosophy in Jamaica, and there he/she developed his system of philosophy, based on the works of Heriberto Spencer, who was a disciple. Physiological aesthetics (1877) introduced him to the London intellectual world. He/She collaborated with the Cornhill magazine with articles both scientific subject and other subjects. In 1879 he/she published Colour-sense, work that earned him the praise of Wallace, Darwin and Huxley. His literary works include strange stories (1884) and women of action (1895), his novel's greatest success in sales, which tells the story of a woman of advanced mentality that thinks that marriage is a barbaric institution; It coexists with the man he/she loves and cares for his son, but when your partner dies it is left alone and has to endure ostracism to which the society submits it. Feminists criticized this work although the claim of the author was to protest against the subordination of women. Another of his success was a millionaire from Cape, adventure novel that was translated into all European languages.