Biography of Hervey Allen (1889-1949)

Narrator, essayist and American military, born in Pittsburgh in 1889 and died in Miami in 1949. From a very young showed a clear orientation to the militia, so it soon entered in the Academy Naval of the United States, where he/she came to attend college at the University of Pittsburgh. After having been mobilized between American military personnel during World War I, Hervey Allen returned to their country to settle in Charleston (South Carolina), where he/she began teaching as Professor of English literature and language and was given over to the cultivation of his true vocation: the literary creation.

Thus, was known as a poet with the publication of several books of poetry, where the whole of his literary work, does not constitute the most significant part. However, it is fair to highlight the achievements of the best known of them, entitled Carolina Chansons (1922), written in collaboration with the narrator and playwright Edwin Dubose Heyward.

However, Hervey Allen Yes triumphed as a prose writer, both in his role as a student of literature and its dimension of novelist. Indeed, very well received by critics and readers their historical narrative entitled Anthony Adverse (1933), a work whose splendid work of documentation led to his editors to the immediate sale of over two hundred thousand copies. Encouraged by this success, Hervey Allen gave the press a novel based on the American civil war, Action at Aquila (1937), a play which continued the collection, in a single volume, short novels the author of Pittsburgh had written to date (It Was Like This, in 1940). In addition, Hervery Allen addressed the historical fiction in a cycle of novels focused on the evolution of the United States of America from the revolution until the contemporary period. The whole of the works that make up this cycle, notable among the titled The Forest and the Fort (1943), Bedford Village (1944) and Toward the Morning (1948).In his facet as an essayist, Allen devoted much time to the analysis of the great American writers. In this respect, his splendid biography of Edgar Allan Poe, presented in two volumes under the title of Israfel is worthy of mention.