Biography of Irvin Allen (1906-1987)

Producer and director of American cinema, born in Warsaw (Poland), on November 24, 1906, and died on December 17, 1987.


As a child he/she emigrated with his parents to the United States, where began his studies and enrolled at Georgetown University. He/She worked in various sectors of the world of communication until it opted for the cinema, where he/she began in positions of Assistant in some of the studies most active in the 1930s (Paramount, Universal, etc.). After intervening in the second world war, he/she devoted himself to film production and direction. Especially highlighted in this second facet, from 1950, year where he/she founded the Warwick Film Production company with Albert R. Broccoli, focussing on England, and producing films of Terence Young, Henry Levin or Jack Cardiff, among others. Already in the 1960s, as an independent, began to produce films for a number of companies. Two of his short films as a director, Climbing the Matterhorn and Chase of death, received two Oscar of the Academy.


Short films: 1942: Forty and a song. 1947: Climbing the Matterhorn. 1949: Chase of death.

Feature films:

As director: 1946: Strange voyage; Avalanche.1947: High conquest. 1948: Sixteen fathoms deep. 1951: Slaugter trail (and production).

As a producer: 1949: the man from the Eiffel Tower. 1951: New Mexico. 1953: Sixty seconds of life. 1954: The Black Knight; Hell below zero. 1955: I mugging in the clouds; Hell's heroes. 1956: Safari; Odongo; Zarak.1957: Angels of steel; International police; Hidden fire; How to murder a rich uncle. 1958: No time to die. 1959: The killers of Kilimanjaro; The Bandit of Zhobe. 1960: The trials of Oscar Wilde; In the nick; Jazz boat. 1963: The invaders. 1965: Genghis Khan; The silencers. 1966: Agent Matt Helm, very special. 1967: ambush to Matt Helm. 1968: Illegal traffic. 1969: The mansion of the seven joys; The mark of Cain; Wild and free. 1970: Cromwell; Eyewitness.