Biography of Lewis Allen (1905-1986)

British film director, born in Wellington (England), on December 25, 1905 and died in 1986.


Gave the first artistic steps in the world of theatre, by intervening in various works both in London and in New York. In the early 1940s he/she went to Hollywood where he/she was hired by Paramount, study in which happened throughout the decade until in the 1950s it began to wander around the Columbia, RKO, Warner and others. Since 1960 he/she focused exclusively on television, developed a prolific career in this medium.


1943: The uninvited. 1944: Our hearts were young and gay. 1945: Charms of youth; Mysteries in the night. 1946: A perfect marriage. 1947: Desert fury; The imperfect lady. 1948: Sealed verdict: So evil may love. 1949: The mystery of an unknown woman. 1950: Challenge to the death. 1951: Valentino.1952: children of the Musketeers. 1954: Suddenly.1955: Illegal; The return of the gangster. 1958: You brumas concern. 1959: The fugitive of the Rhine. 1963: Decision at midnight.