Biography of Franz Allers (1905-1995)

Director of Orchestra Czech born American; He/She was born in the city of Carlsbad on August 6, 1905 and died on 26 January 1995.Tras studied violin at the Prague Conservatory, passes to the Berlin and plays for one year in the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city while studying orchestral conducting with Prüwer. He/She soon began to direct by all Germany and achieved the position of Assistant director in the summer festivals of Bayreuth. He/She will be director of the orchestras of the Opera of Wuppertal (1926-33) and Aussig (1933-1938). After emigrating to France, he/she directed the Ballets Russians of Montecarlo, which carried out several tours in Europe and America until 1945, the date on which settles in the United States, country that obtained the nationality. Since 1954, returns to lead in Europe, and between 1973 and 1977, he/she led the Orchestra of the Munich Gärtnerplatz. From 1963, he/she was guest conductor of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.