Biography of Kirstie Alley (1955-VVVV)

Actress and producer of American cinema, born on January 12, 1955 in Wichita (Kansas).


He studied theatre at the University of Kansas and worked as an interior decorator before debuting in the film Star Trek II: the wrath of Khan (1982), Nicholas Meyer, part of the science fiction classic in which joining the Middle "vulcana" Lieutenant "Saavik". But his true path was the comedy, which got an unexpected success with a look who's talking (1989), by Amy Heckerling, which gives life to a single mother looking for a father to her ingenious baby, from which we know all your thoughts (main novelty of the film); He/She finally chose a reborn John Travolta as improvised progenitor. This followed two similar popular sequels: look who's talking also (1990), Amy Heckerling, and look who talks about now (1993), Tom Ropelawski, with the particularity in the latter that those who spoke were two puppies.

Fame for Kirstie Alley arrived a few years earlier, but in the world of the television series. First it was masquerade; then his wonderful and rebellious "Virginia Hazard" of North and South, and, above all, from 1987 to 1993, its name "Rebecca Howe" cheers, character which in 1991 won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and the prestigious People's Choice Award. The actress, who supplemented the series a Shelley Long, got the role thanks to its unique interpretation in the tables, the "Maggie" the cat on the roof of zinc, which was seen by the producer James Burrows II. He/She returned to win an Emmy a few years later, in 1994 for his role in David completo Mother.

As his film career was not going very well, agreed to incorporate almost free to a neurotic prone to bloat (problem suffered in the same way in real life) in deconstructing Harry (1997), by Woody Allen; but it is always comfort to television, where constantly triumphs again.

Owner of a production company (the William True Blue Productions) and divorced in 1997 of the actor Parker Stevenson, Kirstie Alley is also a member, as many others, of the famous cult called ' Church of Scientology".


As a film actress: 1982: Star Trek II: the wrath of Khan.1984: The Champions; Blind date; Runaway: Brigade especial.1987: verano.1988 school: shoot to kill; He/She completo Having a Baby (cameo). 1989: look who's talking; Loverboy.1990: Look who's talking too; What luck, arrived the relatives; There is a dead man in my cama.1993: look who's talking ahora.1995: village of the damned; It Takes Two.1996: Sticks and Stones.1997: Nevada; Deconstructing Harry; For Richer or Poorer.1999: The Mao Game; Drop Dead Gorgeous.

As guest in TV Series: 1984: The Love Boat (episode "Don't take my wife, please"). 1985: The Hitchhiker (double episode "Out Of The Night"). 1987: The Hitchhiker (double episode "Legendary Billy B".).1998: The Roseanne Show.

TV productions: 1983: masquerade (series); The Hitchhiker (series). 1984: Sins of the Past. 1985: North and South (mini-series); A Bunny's Tale. 1986: Stark: Mirror Image; Prince of Bel Air; North and South, part 2 (Miniseries).1987-93: Cheers (series). 1987: Infidelity.1990: Le Voyageur; Masquerade. 1994: 3 Chains or ' Gold; David completo Mother.1996: Suddenly; Radiant City; Peter and the Wolf.1997: Veronica completo Closet (series); Toothless; The Last Don (Miniseries). 1998: The Last Don II (Miniseries). As producer: 1997: Nevada (co-production); Veronica's Closet (series).