Biography of Félix Almagro González (1909-1939)

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Torrijos (Toledo) on June 11, 1909, and died in the Bullring of Madrid on July 13, 1939.

After have been presented as a bullfighter in Madrid on July 31, 1932, he/she took the alternative in Marseilles (France) on July 4, 1937. However, because of the irregular bullfighting seasons they occurred during the Civil War, resigned from the doctorate and continued acting as a novillero. On July 13, 1939, during a bullfight that was verified in the sands of the coso venteno (in Madrid), Capirote, of the cattle ranch of don Domingo Ortega, inferred you a tremendous Goring that ended his life when he/she was being treated for health services in the plaza.