Biography of Cristina Almeida (1944-VVVV)

Cristina Almeida.

Lawyer and Spanish politics, born in Badajoz on 24 July 1944. He/She was a member in the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) and the Coalition left Unida (IU), as a member of the new left critical flow which finally became independent political party with the name of PDNI and which was elected President. In 2001 he/she starred in, next to teammate Diego López Garrido, the melting process of their formation with the worker Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE).

Installed next to his family in Madrid, since 1956, in 1965 he/she graduated in law from the University of Havana. In those years of student started his political life in the hands of the University Union of labour (SUT), organism that participated in literacy programmes for the rural population, and in 1964 joined in the then clandestine Communist Party of Spain (PCE). Three years later he/she began to practise as a lawyer and defender of political and labor causes and, on several occasions, he/she was arrested for her commitment with workers and students who, in the final years of the dictatorship, showed a clear rejection of the Francoist postulates.

In the first municipal elections in democracy was elected Councillor for the city of Madrid in the lists of the SGP for the period 1979-1983 where he/she played, in addition, the Presidency of the Board of the District of Fuencarral. From a permanently militant position, it strengthened its commitment with the ideology of left-wing and feminist theories and their tendency to settle in critical positions earned him quite a few setbacks, even in the ranks of his own political formation. Along with his companions from the so-called "current renewal" was expelled from the SGP by the Provincial Committee in November 1981 for demonstrating their support for the merger of the Communists in the Basque country with the formation Euskadiko Ezkerra (EE) against the criterion of the leadership of the party, represented then by general Secretary Santiago Carrillo. The expelled activists appealed to the Constitutional Court and in March 1983 recovered their positions.

Almeida finally left the ranks of the PCE and the Madrid to form local Corporation part in 1986 of the Foundation process of the political coalition Izquierda Unida, where he/she entered as a separate militant. With the new acronym of IU came as a candidate for the Chamber of deputies in the elections of that year but did not get the seat. Elected in 1989 general women of their political training area coordinator finally obtained certificate of Member of Parliament for the fourth legislature after the October 29 legislative and lower-house developed an intense activity in defense of women's equality, human rights and civil liberties.

Started the Decade of the nineties, their differences with the direction of Izquierda Unida away Almeida of the electoral lists for the 1993 general elections while Extremadura lawyer maintained an intense political activity with enormous public impact. Lecturer, writer, columnist and regular participant of conferences and debates in the media, reached high levels of popularity in the Spanish political landscape. In the general election of 1996 he/she attended again on the lists of IU and got his seat for the sixth legislature although once more their differences became apparent with the general coordinator of the Coalition, Julio Anguita. Assigned next to Diego López Garrido and other fellow dissidents to new left current criticism, after the elections they decided to become political group without abandoning the umbrella of IU. In November 1996, was held the Constituent Congress of the new Democratic Party of the new left (PDNI), he/she advocated a policy of alliances with the PSOE, where Almeida was chosen President and López Garrido, Secretary general.

The internal dispute in IU was finally resolved with the expulsion of the PDNI of the coalition and the passage of members of splinter to the parliamentary joint working group in September 1997. Held the first Congress of the PDNI in March 1998, Almeida and Garrido renewed their positions of responsibility and, two months later, the party ratified a Covenant of unity with the Madrid Socialist Federation to go jointly to the municipal and regional elections. Thanks to the agreement, Almeida was chosen as the PSOE-Progresistas candidate for the Presidency of the community of Madrid in the autonomous elections of June 13, 1999. After the victory of the Popular Party (PP) and its candidate Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, Almeida left the Congress to take up his seat in the Assembly of Madrid as President and spokesperson of the Socialist parliamentary group, main force of opposition in the Regional Chamber. With the President of the WSF, Pedro Sabando, who since the date became the sole spokesman of the Socialists in the Assemblée, he/she shared this last task until September 2001. Designated by your group, Almeida was elected Senator by the community of Madrid.

In March 2001, the PDNI approved its Sejm to integrate into the ranks of the PSOE; a process that was completed in July with the signing of the document of the convergence of two political forces.