Biography of Herminio Almendros (1898-1974)

Scholar and pedagogue Cuban of Spanish origin, born on October 10, 1898 in Almanza, Albacete, and died October 13, 1974 in Havana.

He graduated in 1918 from master of primary in Alicante and in 1928 at the University of Madrid. Between 1933 and 1937 was a Professor of the Faculty of pedagogy of the University of Barcelona. At the end of the Civil War, he/she emigrated to Cuba. He/She founded and directed, with Ruth Rob├ęs, the monthly magazine for children round (1941-1942). In 1950 he/she won the prize for the 300th anniversary of Descartes in his work entitled the idea of universal mathematics in the work of Descartes. In 1952 he/she graduated doctor of pedagogy at the University of the East, and worked as a teacher in the Faculty of education.

He was director of the youth national Editorial editor of Cuba and contributor to numerous publications that include information and Bohemia. As a pedagogue, he/she edited textbooks for primary education and translated texts of a pedagogical nature.

Among his works, importantly, people and legends (1929), old gold (1949), tales of animals (1963), Fiesta (1967) and Marti (1969).