Biography of Gabriel Alomar (1873-1941)

Writer, essayist, poet, politician and Spanish diplomat. He/She was born in Palma de Mallorca and died in Cairo. He/She was Ambassador in Rome (1931) and Egypt (1936-1938) with the second Republic in 1931. It maintained a relationship with the master of modernism, Dario Rubén, and their circle. In Spanish and catalan, he/she cultivated the verse and published the column of foc (1904). His essays, among those who addressed the problems of aesthetic, such as Futurism (1904) and the arbitrary aesthetic (1906). In others, it focuses, or addresses pass policy in several dimensions, as it happens in the spiritual front (1918) or in Verba (1919), of clear political sign; argues that the law not must adapt to human nature, but on the contrary, as it can be seen from two political essays: the formation of itself (1920) and the idealistic politics (1922); He/She addressed this matter also in Catalan Socialist (1910), the war through a soul (1918) and the idealistic politics (1922).