Biography of Hilario Alonso de Cuevillas y Remón (1801-1856)

Military Spanish, born in Miranda de el Ebro on January 14, 1801 and died in 1856, the son of the guerrilla independence Ignacio Cuevillas Alonso and his first wife Catalina Remón.

He served in the realistic game volunteers of la Rioja from June 1822. He/She joined the militia as second lieutenant of infantry, and in 1824, when he/she was the employment of second Commander, was sent to Cuba. In 1830 he/she returned to Spain to once again, named Colonel the following year, returning to Cuba and Puerto Rico.

In 1837, he/she left his post to join the Carlist ranks, which reached the office of brigadier in command of the Spanish troops.

He signed the Vergara agreement, after which he/she held the post of Commandant-general of Palencia in 1846, and Orense in 1854. It was military of Jaca and Vigo in 1856 Governor.