Biography of Ignacio Alonso de Cuevillas y Remón (1775-1839)

Military Spanish, son of the guerrilla independence Ignacio Cuevillas Alonso and his first wife Catalina Remón.

He was born in Cervera del Río Alhama on October 15, 1775. On 20 may 1799 he/she entered as dependent gunsmith. He/She accompanied his father his actions, first in the war of independence and later the Trienio Liberal, and during the first Carlist War, after which reached the post of Lieutenant of the King in Zaragoza in 1824. Don Carlos appointed you field marshal on October 8, 1833, shortly before his flight to Portugal

In 1834 he/she returned from Portugal with cura Merino and others; He/She participated as aide-de-camp of the infante don Sebastián in various actions of war.

It hosted the Convention of Vergara in 1839, and became the headquarters of Vitoria. In 1843 it was recognized the use of field-marshal and the decoration of the Grand Cross of san Fernando, with seniority of 1839.

He probably died in 1853.