Biography of Carlos Alonso del Real Ramos (1914-1993)

Historian, Ethnologist and sociologist Spanish, born in Madrid on May 2, 1914 and died in Madrid, Spain on January 11, 1993. Professor at the universities of Madrid and Santiago de Compostela, has written several works on Ethnology in the ancient world and also current sociology.

He studied from 1931 to 1936 at the Faculty of philosophy and letters at the University of Madrid; in 1940, he/she received his doctorate in Classical Philology at the same University, his thesis was titled "the idea and the political work of Luciano Annaeus Seneca". After a year of teaching at the Institute Cardinal Cisneros of Madrid, he/she began to teach early history and Greek at the University of Madrid (1939-1941). Then he/she was curator of the Museum of the seminary's early history, between 1942 and 1954. Last year he/she held the Chair of prehistory and Ethnology of the University of Santiago de Compostela; He/She was Dean of the Faculty of philosophy and letters from 1956 to 1965.

It was a member of the Real Academia de la Historia, collaborator of the Institute of political studies (participated in the preparation of the dictionary of sociology that published this organism). The distinctions of the order of Mehdauia and Cisneros was among others. In addition to some journalistic work and the publication of the results of archaeological excavations, the works are remarkable: youth in the ancient world (1933); The ideas of the ancient primitive humanity; For the revision of the Inca Empire (1947); News about Spain in Elio Aristides of Izmir (1950); Sociology Pre and Protohistorical (1961); Reality and legend of the Amazons (1967); Waiting for the barbarians; New Sociology of Prehistory (1977) and the collective work Onomasticon sennecanum (1994).


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