Biography of Dora Alonso (1910-2001)

Storyteller, poet, essayist and Cuban journalist, born in Matanzas on December 22, 1910 and died in 2001. Humanist fruitful and multi-faceted, is the author of an extensive and brilliant literary production that has allowed him to be among the most prominent voices of Cuban literature of the 20th century. Distinguished honors and most important awards of his country (among them, the prestigious National Prize for literature), his literary creation includes novels and stories for all public, to poems and stories aimed exclusively at young readers.

In his facet of writer, Dora Alonso cultivated with singular success realistic techniques from the best Spanish narrative tradition, to create, both in its extensive novels with in his short stories, a series of characters from low social extraction which, however, are called to star in high artistic missions. Thanks to the mastery of the linguistic expression displayed by the author of Matanzas, these humble characters come, to the length of their narrations, a high human and social category. Among its most representative novels, is obliged to recall the titled land (1944) and Tierra inerme (1961), work - this last - in which Dora Alonso offers a tragicomic view of the dictatorial period before the Castro revolution.

Despite the relief reached, within the Chilean literary scene, by these novels intended for the adult reader, Dora Alonso won greater literary recognition thanks to its splendid forays into the field of children's literature, which has contributed so valuable as adventures of Guille (1966) titles, the Blue Man (1975), Palomar (1979), flute of chocolate (1980), the valle de la Pájara Pinta (1984) and clowns (1985). In the opinion of the Cuban critic of his time, "the poems of Dora Alonso recovered that primitive look of a poet that unfolds in girl and gives the naivety of his way of seeing things. He/She is, in short, a soul of bird that knows liberty, who writes from the branches of a tree or a tale House shingles. Lyrics to a staff of adjoining notes whose melody is heard in impossible instruments, made of the same matter having dreams of the little Elves".

As eloquent sample of this amazing ease of Dora Alonso to connect, from the higher literary values, with children, below some of his most read and celebrated by the small Cuban readers poems: "Sunday, jasmine." / Monday, azucena. / Tuesday, Dianthus flower. / Wednesday, violet. / Thursday, Heliotrope. / Friday, honeysuckle. "/ With butterfly / Saturday arrives, / and with that flower / week closes" ("week"). "Who understand horse / to clarify it once: / belongs to which race / chess horse?" / Not the field, like / don't know to eat, / nor carries horseshoes / can not run. / Which horse is that...? "/ Which horse is it?" ("Enlightenment").