Biography of Eduardo Alonso (1944-VVVV)

Spanish Narrator, born in Asturias in 1944. Professor of language and literature in an Institute of Valencia, is one of the most renowned novelists of recent times. His novels tend to seek inspiration in the fictitious reconstruction of the historical past. In 1966 won the Ateneo Jovellanos Prize for his short novel Chuso lathes, weight pen and in 1983 the Azorín Prize for the insomnia of a winter night, having as protagonist Quevedo.

In addition, he/she has published Creeper (1980), the still sea (1981) and the gardens of Aranjuez (1986), which has as its protagonist a dwarf in love with the actress who is her co-worker, mode of Felipe IV, in love with the Queen's jester.

In 1997, it has given to press another novel set in the Siglo de Oro, Palos de ciego. In it, first master of Lázaro de Tormes recalls the time that happened to him, contributing 'new' mischievous lances and interpreting, from their perspective, those already known.