Biography of Luis Alonso Luengo (1907-2003)

Writer and Spanish scholar born in 1907 and died in Madrid on April 20, 2003. Magistrate, journalist, chronicler of Astorga, literary critic, lecturer, and editor in Chief of Radio Madrid, was the author of the book of poems in the style Rubén Darío Estampas and madrigals (1929) and in lion border (1982); novels Invisible prison (1951) and the Palacio Stork (1959-1988); Biographies and essays Don Suero de Quiñones, the Paso honroso (1950 and 1982) and the maragatos: its origin, its lineage, its modes (1980, 1982 and 1985). Other works are sentimental and artistic guide of Astorga (1929), in collaboration with Ricardo Gullón and Leopoldo Panero, the great Captain Gonzalo de Cordoba (1942), travel in the Valley of freedom (1965), the lion of serum Quinones (1986) and the clock of the Puerta del Sol (1990).