Biography of Rodolfo Alonso (1934-VVVV)

Argentine poet, born in Buenos Aires in 1934. Author of an interesting poetic production that explores in evocative capacity of simple things and daily events that shape human existence, has adapted perfectly this thematic approach to a direct and colloquial language that plays with scrupulous fidelity prints of the man in the street about the mere happen daily.

In the literary career of Rodolfo Alonso two-step are clearly differentiated: stand in the first, some collections of verses so praised by critics and readers such as health or nothing (1969), good winds (1956), hard world (1959), and I do love (1969); the second - even more attached, if possible, the simplicity and naturalness of everyday life - shine with their own light other titles such as Guitarron (1984), Sun or shade (1981) and leaves sing with the wind (1984).