Biography of Camilo Alonso Vega (1889-1971)

Spanish military. Personal friend and companion of promotion of general Franco, with whom he/she collaborated during their lifetime. Both are located in the Legion; at the Academia Militar de Zagaroza, where Alonso Vega was Professor and director Franco; in the suffocation of the revolution of Asturias of 1934; in the Spanish Civil war and in the post-war period. In 1936 when it explodes, the contest is Lieutenant Colonel of infantry gun, head of the battalion of mountain "Flanders" 8 by garrison in Vitoria. During the war he/she participated in almost all military operations crucial to the success of the national side, such as: the campaign of the Basque country and Santander; Vinaroz decision and the arrival of the nationalists in the Mediterranean, which meant the division into two halves incommunicado by land of the Republican side; the battle of Brunete; the battle of the Ebro; the campaign in Catalonia, where you get to enter in Barcelona and Girona, etc. After the war he/she held several political positions: National Counselor of the FET and the Jonah; Attorney in courts; Director-general of the Civil Guard; Minister of Interior, etc. In 1969 he/she was promoted to captain general, military dignity only achieved in life in Franco's Spain by general Franco and by Agustín Muñoz large.

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