Biography of Ignacio Alonso de Cuevillas (1764-1835)

Guerrilla and Spanish military, born in Cervera del Río Alhama 1 February 1764 and died December 6, 1835 in Portugalete. Better known by the nickname of Cuevillas since his paternal grandfather was natural of the cave (Soria). In 1814 his surname became Alonso Cuevillas Royal order of Fernando VII, in gratitude for services rendered during the war of independence.


Member of a large and humble family, in 1791 joined the guard, where dealt with the persecution of bandits and smugglers, while he/she himself was accused of practising at the same time smuggling.

Married to Catalina Remon, widowed shortly before the war of independence, which stood out as guerrilla in numerous clashes with the French army. On 4 may 1810 he/she married new nuptials with Dominica Ruiz de Vallejo and Torre who, from that moment, accompanied him on all their raids.

On 5 may 1812 was appointed general commander of the guards of Burgos, and then joined the Palencia. In 1821 he/she led a game against the Constitution; the following year the Regency of Urgell the general nombrocomandante of La Rioja with the Merindades of Castile the new. In 1823 he/she took command of the 2nd Brigade, under the command of Vicente Quesada and, shortly afterwards, he/she was appointed Governor of Burgos. Their military merits deserved you to be appointed commander of arms of Bilbao in 1824 and 1825, brigadier. Separate weapons in 1833 he/she revolted again in Burgos in favor of Don Carlos and participated in contests that were then followed.

According to unconfirmed sources, it seems that again launched the field of battle, although it is unknown whether his death was a result of the wounds of war or if it was natural death. Two children, Ignacio and Hilario followed the military career of the father.


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