Biography of Concha Alós Domingo (1926-2011)

Spanish Narrator born on May 22, 1926 in Valencia and died on 1 August 2011 in Barcelona, in which he/she remained living most of his life. Writer relatively late vocation, not unveiled its first extensive narration until 1962, date in which brilliantly stormed the Spanish literary panorama with a novel entitled the dwarves (Barcelona: Plaza y Janés, 1962). The splendid reception from critics and readers encouraged Concha Alos present, one year later, her second novel, one hundred birds (Barcelona: Plaza y Janés, 1963), the work followed a third narrative delivery which would confirm the writer Valencian as one of the most promising of the new Spanish narrative written by women.

Indeed, this third novel Concha alós Sunday, called bonfires (Barcelona: Planeta, 1964), was awarded the prestigious Premio Planeta, circumstance that spread the name and work of the author all the cultural cenacles of the country. The success of sales was tapped by the hitherto prolific writer to give to the printing press, in 1965, his fourth novel, the Red Horse (Barcelona: Planeta, 1965).

From this narrative delivery, the literary career of Concha Alos became more serene and restful. In 1969 saw the light a new novel, entitled La Madama (Barcelona: Plaza y Janés, 1969), the work followed a delivery of short stories, published under the title of King of cats (man-eating narrations) (Barcelona: Barral, 1972). Subsequently, Concha Alos returned to the windows of bookstores with the novel entitled Electra speaks I (Barcelona: Plaza y Janés, 1975), to close his brilliant career narrative, in the Decade of the 1980s, with other two vast novels: Argeo is dead, I guess (Barcelona: Plaza y Janés, 1982) and the killer of dreams (Barcelona: Plaza y Janés, 1986).


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