Biography of Herb Alpert (1937-VVVV)

Composer, trumpet player, music producer American and co-founder of the record label A & M Records, born in Los Angeles (USA) on March 31, 1937. He/She made his first musical steps known in the U.S. Navy. Once again joined civilian life, Herb began his dalliances with the music industry, as a composer and producer, along with Lou Adler, responsible for the artistic careers of major pop stars. As a team they manufactured successes for people such as Sam Cooke and Jan & Dean, under the pseudonym of Barbara Campbell back in 1958. A year later, Alpert tempted to luck as a vocalist under the name of Dore Alpert, with little fortune, and in 1962 broke his working relationship with Lou Adler, marking this event of his career.

That same year of 1962 joined Jerry Moss and created an own label, Carnival Records, which soon changed its name to A & M, the initials of their two surnames. Its first headquarters was the garage of Herb. There began the legend of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, and his particular style, instrumentation and "easy-listening" (from easy listening), called south of the border (South of the border). The first formation of the Tijuana Brass was composed of Edmundson, Ceroli, Paganini, Senatore, Kalash and Piasano. Alpert created more instrumentals than any other pop artist on the international music scene - only followed by Kenny G., long after-. Until 1968, the seal remained only with Herb recordings, with extreme profitability, since that year had already sold more than twenty million albums, with gains of more than fifty million dollars.

In the years that intervened between 1962 and 1968 were four l.p. ´s of great success, as a Lonely bull, South of the border, Goin´ places and Whipped cream and other delights, which meant the world consecration of the particular formation. Interestingly, became his first number one on the list of singles with "This guy´s in love with you", a Sung song, and not instrumental, as it was usual in Tijuana Brass earlier, although some of its l.p. ´s had already arrived at this position. His career until 1970 was impressive, leaving the musical activity in 1970 to devote himself fully to the label itself.

He soon discovered The Carpenters, who in successive years left over twelve million singles worldwide sales. His talent in all facets of the music business and in 1979 returned to the fray, leading to the number one single "Rise", which left part of that markup style "South of the border", into sounds influenced by disco music, but in a sophisticated and elegant, usual way in the making of Alpert.

He edited new works until 1982, he/she began another sabbatical, in terms of recordings referred, that lasted until 1987, date in which returned with another l.p. in the same commercial line as the last, but did not reach number one. Its quality as a musician is indisputable at this point, judging by the volume of sales of his works, constantly reissued. In that same year of 1987 marked the 25 anniversary of A & M, become the most important independent label in the United States, with new artists in its catalog of the likes of The Police, Bryan Adams and Suzanne Vega. Although A & M did not provide anything other than satisfaction, Alpert and Moss sold his label to the multinational Polygram in 1989, by the not inconsiderable figure of three hundred million dollars. Herb Alpert continued recording albums solo as North on south street or Midnight sun, both published in the 1990s, combining this work with the producer for people like Stan Getz and Gato Barbieri.

The aforementioned album, Midnight Sun, goes on sale in the year 1992, and until 1997 does not light a new record of this exceptional musician. Passion Dance is the title of this new recording, this time published in Almo Records, the label he/she founded in the year 1994 as a new vehicle for his music and that of other artists.

Meanwhile, has been dedicated to paint, to produce several hits of musicals on Broadway, and has even created the Herb Alpert Foundation, a charity dedicated to issues of arts education programs for children. As you can see, Mr. Alpert is a Leonardo of our days, dedicated to many facets within the field of art and music.