Biography of Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Basilio (1834-1893)

Mexican writer, born in Tixtla (warriors) in 1834 and died in San Remo in 1893. He/She is considered the creator of national literature and teacher of the second romantic generation. It belonged to an Indian family and studied at the literary Institute of Cholula, through a scholarship. He/She took part in the revolution of Ayutla, the war of reform (1858-1860) and the French intervention. He/She was member of Parliament (1861) and consul in Barcelona and Paris (1889-1892). He/She advocated the liberal Government of Juarez. He/She collaborated in the Foundation of the the mail of Mexico (1867) and the literary journal El Renacimiento (1869). To restore the Republic in 1867, he/she began his literary activity.

His poetic production is condensed in a volume entitled rhymes, 1880. He/She wrote articles of custom, but he/she mainly excelled in the field of the novel. He/She managed to create a genuine national literature with novels such as: clemency (1869); Christmas in the mountains (1870) and El zarco (1888). They put highlights the evils that afflict the country: militarism and social inequality, poor teaching, etc. No author of his time managed to overcome it in the field of the novel, in which Altamirano served to bring nationalist concerns to the people.