Biography of Carlos Altamirano (1954-VVVV)

Chilean artist, born in Santiago in 1954, that stands out in various disciplines ranging from traditional painting and engraving to the most innovative modern collage samples, characterized by the use of the most unexpected materials. Through a bold work, Altamirano has tried to discover a new perspective on the art of his country, very close to the reality of its history and the cultural idiosyncrasies of his people.

He began studies at the school of architecture of Valparaíso, but abandoned that career in 1974 to take the fine arts at the Catholic University of Santiago. For a time worked in the workshop of Mario Irarrázabal, in 1976, he/she had his first exhibition and two years later received the special prize of the jury at the first Salon of art organized by the Catholic University. Since its inception was a non-conformist artistic spirit little inclined to compromise with strict formal frame of the oil painting, which together with economic reasons, first drove you to cultivate engraving, and later mixed representation techniques involving the use of materials such as photographs, fabrics, metals, glass, leather, audiovisual material, compact discs and supports, or the human body. Member of the school of advanced, its bold artistic ideas hardly could develop in a social and cultural environment "restricted" by the military regime of Pinochet, which led him in the early 1980s to activities less committed, in the field of design and advertising.

In 1989 he/she reappeared brilliantly with an exhibition at the National Museum of fine arts, entitled Sunday painter, which returned to make it clear to their particular vision of art, unconventional; However, it was piece portrait, now in the 1990s, which gave him internationally known with its successful presentation in several samples of prestige.

Altamirano's work has been exhibited in the IV Bienal de La Habana (1991), the Universal Exposition of Seville (1992) or the XLVII Biennale of Venice (1995), and some of his creations are part of the collections of the National Museum of fine arts and the modern art museum of Chile. In 1997 he/she presented in the first biennial of Visual Arts of Mercosur a version of portraits in digital media. In addition to the already mentioned, Altamirano was awarded the Grand Prize of the second Hall of graphic of the University Catholic (1980)