Biography of Bartolomé Altemir y Paul (s. XIX)

Franciscan, reader, doctor in theology with dates and places of birth and death are unknown.

He wrote the friar and the Togado and the leaf of services of Knight Bella Figure D. Isidro de Antillon. It showed their quite conservative mood in his speech "in favor of Religion, homeland and the King", pronounced in Palma in 1813, teologico-canonico character, dealing with excommunication.

One of his most controversial texts was Apologetico-encomiastico Sermon in honor of the martyr San Lorenzo, which made public in Zaragoza in 1821. Result of this sermon, he/she was denounced to the judge of first instance of the city of Huesca, which attacked in another pronunciation Homily in honour of the Santiago Apostle in the Church of San Lorenzo.Hacia these same dates is credited with the Regency of Professor of Greek language at the University of Huesca and premium, as well as the position of Synodal examiner of the bishopric of Vic.

Besides the works above mentioned, are due to his pen: Sermon to the solemn depending on relief to the Blessed Sacrament held in the Church of San Francisco, Huesca; the panegyric of Beata Juana de Aza, mother of Santo Domingo de Guzmán (Madrid, 1830); History of the General Chapter, held in the convent of santa María de Jesús, vulgo San Diego in the city of Alcalá de Henares on May 29, 1830; and De Origine Sapientiae juventute ac in Sacris Litteris Erudienda, pro Studiorum Inauguratione Oratio.


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A. G. N.