Biography of Peter Altenberg (1859-1919)

Austrian writer, born in Vienna in 1859 and died in his hometown in 1919, his real name was that of Richard Engländer. It came from a good family of Jewish traders. He interrupted both the studies of law and medicine. In 1882 his doctor ruled him a hypersensitivity of the nervous system that was disabling him to exercise any work activity. Since that time, Altenberg led life of Bohemian and poet's Cafe. Together with Adolf Loos , Kunst magazine he published between 1903 and 1904. He spent long seasons in clinical psychiatric, always supported by their friends.

Karl Kraus and Arthur Schnitzler discovered his talent as a writer at a café, and helped by them he published 36 years his collection of notes Wie ich is sehe (as I see it, 1896), which followed others like Ashantee (Ashantee, 1897), Was der Tag mir zutragt (what the day brings me, 1901), Prodomos (Prodomos, 1906) and Bilderbogen des kleinen Lebens (images of everyday life1909), among others. They collect their impressions about everyday life. Quickly became one of the most widely read authors of Viennese Expressionism, surely due to its short and concise style. He was a lover of detail, beauty, especially the female, to which paid tribute in some of his works.