Biography of Kai Althoff (1966-VVVV)

Painter and German sculptor born in 1966 in Cologne.

The debut of his work came in 1991 with the exhibition "a group of friends meets at the Friesenwall of Cologne shop to do some masks". Since then, Althoff facilities have been characterized by a strong narrative element; they are brought to the Viewer as living locations where different actions and events take place. In "Portikus", the artist built a scaffolding closed by sides in front of a window that reaches the ceiling and gets that visitors feel protagonists of the scene.

Some of his drawings, videos, collages and representations, made with felt-tip pens, clay and cardboard, awaken memories of childhood and adolescence, as in his installation "Modern wird lahmgelegt" (1995). His works are usually associated with certain social and political developments and usually appear accompanied by texts that provide information to facilitate the interpretation of the memories and the inventions of the author.

Althoff combines his artistic work with his passion for music as a member of the Group Workshop, where acts such as singer and designer of the covers of their albums.