Biography of Robert Altman (1925-2006)

Director, screenwriter and film producer, born in Kansas City on February 20, 1925 and died in Los Angeles on November 21, 2006.

He studied mathematics at the University of Missouri and graduated shortly thereafter, in journalism. The second world war led him to actively participate on the Asian front, piloting one of the bombers Americans. Homecoming not opened the door to a stable job, so it played all kinds of jobs.

At the end of the 1940s, he/she tried to make their way in Hollywood with scripts such as Bodyguard and Christmas Eve, which became films directed by Richard Fleischer and Edwin L. Marin. Their initial collaboration with the RKO, he/she joined the Calvin Company, where he/she directed all kinds of documentaries and commercials, which were giving you ease in the handling of the camera.

The first savings he/she produced and directed in 1957 his first films The Delinquents and The James Dean Story. However, it won't be getting him very well; that he/she had to devote to television, medium in which intervened as director, screenwriter and producer in episodes very different as distinct series as Bonanza, Combat, Kraft Mistery Theatre, Bus Stop, The Roaring Twenties and the prestigious Alfred Hitchcock presents, among others.

The television experience allowed him to become independent, founding his own production company - the Lion's Gate-, which directed two other films which, although modest works, enabled him to enter into the rhythm of work in Hollywood, especially when he/she came to his hands, after having been rejected by many directors, the script of M * A * S * H (1970), a story about a team of doctors and nurses working in the Korea war. The film received several international awards and became one of the most blockbuster titles of the time.

From this date, the Altman was uninterrupted; He/She devoted himself to all the film genres, exploring many different vital realities - especially the female world - and became producer of directors such as Alan Rudolph, Robert Benton and Robert M. Young. In these years included the Nashville (1975) demistificadora, a cool coral on the world of the country and the West, the destructive Buffalo Bill (1976), in which it reviewed one of the most charismatic historical characters, and a wedding (1978), criticism of certain social conventions.

A series of setbacks in the early 1980s, led him to having to sell his production company and subject to some "commissions" that was offered and that, unfortunately, still kept him over one audience that was faithful to him for many years. He/She made several television raids - which included the trial of Tanner ' 88 and the Caine Mutiny-, until it again another one of its most interesting stages in the 1990s, it was regaining its critical, stabbing, on various film environments (the Hollywood game, 1992) or look Haute Couture (ready-to-wear, 1994), the much more surprising than the second first. Kansas City (1996), Altman returned to the city which witnessed his beginnings and remember a story in full 1930s, transmitting feelings through music - improvisations in crescendo from a group of jazz-which, in turn, in each new instrument marks the lives of its characters.

The constants of the cinema of Altman - one of the most independent of American cinema career paths - attend a narrative structure away from the conventional - with great use of optics, front of the planning-, passion for analysis from the characters from a detailed dissection in many cases - characters who are always trapped and doomed to the submission by a hostile environment-criticism of Hollywood and its system of work and sharp looks to the classicism of the genera.

The release in 2001 of Gosford Park again meant a pleasant surprise for lovers of the Altman film. Ribbon Oscar managed seven nominations for the awards although, finally, only picked up the statuette for best original screenplay. The veteran director, awarded the Golden Globe, weeks before was not, once again, the favorite of the Hollywood industry.

In February 2002 received an honorary Golden bear at the Berlin Film Festival, in recognition of all Yes career. In February 2004, for his part, premiered in Los Angeles The documentary film company, a film about the world of dance.

In January 2006 was awarded an Oscar of honor for her entire career.


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