Biography of Horacio Altuna (1941-VVVV)

Argentine comics artist, born in Córdoba (Argentina) on November 24, 1941.


Fond of drawing from an early age, he/she started his career in 1965, but it was not until two years later, hired by the publishing house Colomba, when you begin to collaborate with some of the most prominent writers of the moment, as Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Robin Wood. Another writer's popularity in Argentina, Carlos Trillo, started working with Altuna in 1975. Together made for the Clarín newspaper cartoon El Loco Chávez, which achieves a remarkable success which is distributed internationally and adapted to television.

In 1982 the artist moved to Spain and began an intense collaboration with Publisher Josep Toutain. In the editorial Toutain publishes his cartoons in the pages of magazines such as 1984, international ilustracion+comix and Zona 84. In the Decade of the 1980s published comics by welcome people, such as management, slot machine, the pieces of Mr. López, last recess, Charlie Moon and Merdichevsky. It continues in Carlos Trillo to his regular screenwriter.

With a nuanced, realistic drawing, Altuna dominates the use of ink, but also obtained good results with color. Particularly effective in drawing female characters, gives these a sensuality that is only comparable to by artists such as the Italian Milo Manara.

In 1986 Horacio Altuna won the Yellow Kid award in the International Hall of the comics of Lucca (Italy). This recognition places the artist among the international elite and favors the international distribution of their works. Publishers of Franco-Belgian, Glénat, Humanoïdes Associés and Dargaud field, publishing their works, which are well received by the critics and the public. From the nineties will demonstrate their talent for the erotic comics and his creations are published in the magazine of the Group Playboy cartoons.

The contents usually addressed in the comics by Horacio Altuna are related to human passions, frustration and absurdity. Much of his work deals with arguments of science fiction or fantasy, which serve to his spectacular graphic talent show.

Most outstanding works

1973-1975: Bif Norman; Hilario Corvalan; The Cruzados.1975: The crazy chavez.1977-1985: management, slot machine, the pieces of Mr. López, last recess, Charlie Moon and Merdichevsky.