Biography of Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl (1578- ca.1650)

Historian and Mexican translator, born in Teotihuacan in 1578 and died around 1650. A descendant of the Kings of Texcoco, probably was Governor of Texcoco judge. He/She wrote one of the most complete histories of Mexican creation, with material that undoubtedly received directly from native sources. His two works entitled Historia Chichimeca and relations, which constitute a compilation of historical and semihistoricos incidents are notable. It was considered cursed by ones and blessed by others, because of their strong inclination towards the marvellous, and gave their stories about greatness dyes so strong that it showed the Toltec or the ancient nahua civilization as the most splendid of how many have never existed. Their descriptions of Tezcuco are clearly effusive, romantic and idealistic.

It establishes that the Toltec attached to a certain Tloque Nahuaque ('Lord of all existence') the creation of the universe, stars, mountains and animals. At the same time, he/she made the first man and woman, from which descend all the inhabitants of the Earth. This "first Earth" was built by the "brine". At the beginning of the following season appeared the Toltec, and after many trips were established in Huehue Tlapallan ('very old Tlapallan'). Then came the second catastrophe, the "Sun". The rest of the legend tells how strong earthquakes shook the world and destroyed the giants of the Earth. These giants (Quinames) were the source of the great uneasiness to the Toltec, and, according to ancient historians, descended from families who lived in the northernmost area of Mexico.