Biography of Daniel Salvador. Alvarado (???)

Ecuadorian sculptor, born in Cuenca. From an early age he/she felt inclination towards sculpture, becoming the disciple more Vantage of the great sculptor, also cuencano, José Miguel Vélez. His talent and perseverance placed him among the most famous artists of his time in Ecuador. The value of his work has been recognized not only in the American countries, but even in Europe, such as Spain, Italy, France and Belgium, where some of them are preserved. His favorite subjects are religious images and busts of famous people; in both cases, it reaches a great realism and perfection. His works earned him triumph in the following national exhibitions: the of the centenary of the birth of Sucre, the 1901 Azuaya, Quito in 1909 and the national of the centenary of the May 24 (1922). He/She also participated in the Universal exhibition in Paris in 1900, where he/she won an Honorable Medal and a diploma from the French Government.