Biography of Elsie Alvarado de Ricord (1928-2005)

Poet, essayist and Panamanian criticism born in David (Chiriqui) in 1928 and died in Panama on 18 May 2005. It was doctor in romance philology and had expertise in Linguistics; He/She has taught several classes of literature and Linguistics at the University of Panama; He/She was Director of the Academia Panameña de la Lengua and was awarded the Ricardo Miró Prize in poetry and essay sections; the University Award for arts and letters.

His poetry deals with the subject of love with erotic and philosophical nuances. It combines this eternal issue with his personal vision of nature and of the dehumanized society of the present.

His poetic work make up the Holocaust of pink books, 1953; Between matter and dream, 1966; Passengers in transit, 1973; It is real and this world, 1978. His essays deal with literary criticism, linguistic and philological, topics include notes on the poetry of Demetrio Herrera Sevillano, 1951; Style and density in the poetry of Ricardo J. Bermúdez, 1960; The poetic work of Dámaso Alonso, 1968; Approach to the poetry of Ricardo Miró, 1973; Ruben Dario and his poetry, 1978.

Shortly before his death, on March 8, 2005, he/she was awarded the national order Manuel Amador Guerrero.