Biography of Diego de Alvarado (s. XVI)

Cousin, Spanish conquistador of the conquistadors Pedro and Jorge de Alvarado. Ignore the dates and places of birth and death of Diego de Alvarado, as well as almost all aspects of his biography. Actually, Diego de Alvarado just figure in the story as a possible founder of the villa de San Salvador, capital of the current state of El Salvador.

After the conquest of the territory which currently occupies the Republic of Guatemala, Pedro de Alvarado advanced along the coast of the Pacific to the South and at the end of June of 1524 crossed the Peace River, thus penetrating into the territory of the current El Salvador. There, it had to face the indigenous population which defeated, after bloody fighting in Acaxual and Tacuaxcalco. Faced with the fierce opposition of the local population, Pedro de Alvarado had withdraw to Guatemala, and in 1525 launched a second expedition, better organized, it ended up conquering the whole of.

The Foundation of the villa de San Salvador has produced a wide-ranging debate among researchers, since it was traditionally considered to Diego de Alvarado as its founder in 1528; but in the 20th century, new research brought to light the existence of a mayor of this village, HolguĂ­n Diego, in 1525. Thus it appears in two letters sent by Pedro de Alvarado. In the light of this finding, further investigations were carried out and currently is given by the way that San Salvador founded in April 1525 Gonzalo de Alvarado, brother of Pedro de Alvarado then. For reasons not clear, but most likely as a result of the general insurrection of 1526, the town of San Salvador was razed or unpopulated. After this first abandonment, and once put down the insurrection, the villa was again founded in 1528, this time by Diego de Alvarado.

Except this fact nothing more is known of the life of Diego de Alvarado, who most likely remained in the service of their cousins, Pedro, Jorge and Gonzalo, until the end of his days, or perhaps until his return to the Peninsula. Ignored if he/she died in America, Spain or anywhere else.