Biography of Fernão Álvares do Oriente (ca. 1540-ca. 1600)

Writer and Portuguese military which are known few secure data and who thought that maybe born in the colonies (in Goa) or perhaps in Portugal around 1540. He/She participated in several companies related to the conquest of the route to the India. Documents relating to his figure are very dubious and show it now rewarded by the King (Felipe II or Felipe III,), according to the date ora pursued by certain opinions contrary to the Crown of Spain; in fact, the confusion derived from the common name and surname. All insurance among so much mist so the drafting by a writer called which is considered the first modern Portuguese nvela both for its content and narrative technique to which appeals: the Lusitania transformed. This novel, published posthumous in 1607 (subsequent editions are already in 1791 and, with current philological criteria, 1985), alternating prose with verse and incorporates a rich series of Messianic references within a series of allusions to the Portuguese decline (not missed other similar voices after the catastrophe involving the annexation to Spain in 1580, as we see in the work of Gonzalo Bandarra). Despite belonging to a different genre, the work is proposed as a continuation of Os Lusíadas de Camões, who makes one character more.