Biography of Frei João Álvares (¿-1484)

Intellectual, religious, and Portuguese writer born on date unknown and who died in 1484. He/She worked as Secretary of the Infante don Fernando, son of the King Juan I of Portugal; the Infante, fell prisoner of the Moors in Arzila, although he/she was rescued in 1448. At the request of the Infante don Enrique and wrote in memory of his old patron, the chronic do Infante Santo D. Fernando; later, after receiving appointment as Abbot of the monastery of Paço de Sousa, he/she wrote and translated several works of religion and morality from latin to Portuguese, such as the extended rule of São Bento and the sermons aos Irmãos do Sant'ermo, attributed to San Agustín. Was he/she who introduced the new where spirituality, the devotio moderna, in Portugal by translating the first book of the Imitacao of Christ, work initially awarded to Kempis and, later, Gerson.


CALADO, a. de Almeida, ed., works of Frei João Álvares, Coimbra, 1959-1960.

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